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Synergies are something everyone in the HUT community has an opinion on.

The question I get most on Twitter is “Should I build my team around synergies or just the best players”.

We’re going to look into whether you should try and active Silky Smooth on your team.

  • Silky Smooth gives your entire team +3 to Acceleration, Agility, Deking, and Puck Control. Like all team synergies, it needs 10 points to become active. When first looking at this synergy the thing people look at most is acceleration. While acceleration is obviously important in Hockey Ultimate Team, it may not be the most important part of this synergy.

  • Acceleration is how fast a player gets to their top speed. In game modes like Hockey Ultimate Team, it is crucial to be able to get up and down the ice fast. Connor McDavid has a 96 acceleration stat on his base gold card and this is what makes him just so dominant on the virtual (and real) ice. However, it is something that holds players like Alexander Ovechkin back. Ovechkin has a respectable 87 acceleration but it is lacking compared to most players in today’s NHL games. If you’re able to activate Silky Smooth you can make Ovechkin get to his 86 speed that much faster which may mean him getting past that defensemen skating with him.

  • Agility, in my opinion, is one of the most important stats this year in NHL 18. Agility allows your player to turn, skate, and move smoother. It is the stat that allows your player go from being stuck in the corner to quickly turn and allow your player to be wide open in front of the net. Some of the top players in the game like Sidney Crosby, Erik Karlsson, and Connor McDavid have agility in the high nineties. This allows these players to be THAT much better compared to high rated players like Brent Burns, Victor Hedman, and Ryan Getzlaf. If you use Ryan Getzlaf with this synergy active he’ll go from a pitiful 84 to a very usable 87 which makes the big center that much better.

  • Another important part of this synergy is Puck Control. As you can tell, this stat allows players to hold onto the puck when turning, deking, and moving near opponents. Once again, this is a stat that allows elite players like Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid and Patrick Kane dominate in-game. However, this is a stat that is rarely above 90 for most rare gold players (think around 83-85 overall). One example is James Van Riemsdyk (84), who has very good offensive stats outside of puck control at 85. With Silky Smooth active it allows JVR to go up to an 88 and become one of the best left wingers at his price point.

  • Deking is something that everyone in NHL 18 loves to do. Deking affects how likely you are to complete and achieve a deke (based on if you were doing the controls correctly) and how fast a player can stickhandle the puck. This single stat is one reason so many people want Patrick Kane, Connor McDavid and even players like Johnny Gaudreau on their Hockey Ultimate Team. It is also a stat that may defer players away from the likes of Brendan Shanahan and most bigger defensemen and forwards. Brendan Shanahan is an example of why Silky Smooth that could be critical to his success on your HUT team. His card has a weak 84 deking that goes up to an 87 deking. This allows the giant that is Shanahan to make quick moves to fake out defenders and even make cleaner passes by moving his stick to the open lane.

So Silky Smooth is a synergy that can turn the good players, into the elite ones.

When looking to activate this synergy you can use Dale Peterson as your coach and a silver backup goalie (there are fifteen!) to get half of the needed points active. There are 17 rare gold players that have Silky Smooth that range from the expensive in Connor McDavid and Erik Karlsson to more affordable options like Henrik Zetterberg and Teuvo Teravianen.

If you’re just starting out your Hockey Ultimate Team it may be one of the easiest team synergies to activate and it just may be one of the best team synergies currently in NHL 18.

Do you have Silky Smooth active? Do you like it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.