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Our pack opener is live now, you can find it in the menubar. We will also be doing a giveaway with the release of the pack opener.

Yet another team builder update. If a player or team synergy is activated, it is now added to the players advanced stats.

For example, if Speedster is activated when you double click on a card it will now show the +2 to ACC, SPD, and AGI for players with the Speedster synergy. Same goes with team synergies: if a team synergy is on all players stats will now reflect the increase. Stats that are increased from the base amount are now green instead of the default grey.

Calculations are also taken into consideration when the "average team stats" are calculated, if you enable Long Range Bombers for example SSP, SSA, and OAW will now be +3 for the average team stats.

To see how it works you can play around here

NOTE: Average team OVR, Skating, Shooting, Hands, Checking, and Defense are currently NOT updated with the increase of synergies. I am working to rectify this but until I find out exactly how stats on the card are determined I've disabled this feature.

With preseason underway the trackers have now been turned back on!

Team Builder Stats

Get a overview of stats for every player and get a look at your team stats and synergies while building your team. Double click on a player to bring up his individual stats.

Improved Draft Mode

New interface and new cards makes this a great year to be using HUTDB

Improved Player Overview

See all the stats of a selected player. All new interface that works really good on mobile phones and tablets

We are working really hard to be your #1 resource for NHL 17! Stay tuned for more upcoming features and follow us on Twitter for even more updates.