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We added a small chrome extension to the google webstore, you can check it out here

Thanks @HealthyScratchs for helping us out with this. Give him a follow on twitter!


Currently in NHL 17, when wanting to buy or sell a card in-game you need to just hope that it’s available in the Auction House or that somebody wants to buy it, but what if it’s not available or you put up a card during a period with no buyers in the Auction House? You won’t be able to buy or sell either card :’(

The goal of the HUTDB Market is to be a mobile accessible and user friendly way to connect HUT buyers and sellers.

If you’re trying to sell or buy a HUT card in-game then post it here as well to reach a larger audience and increase your chances of selling or acquiring your desired card. Below we will cover how to sell, trade, and buy cards using the HUTDB Market.

**We do NOT endorse selling cards or HUT coins for real currency. If you are found to be using this service for that purpose then you will be instantly banned without question.

Search Market

Much like the in-game NHL 17 Auction House, you have several filters available to search players in the Market:

We’ve added a few additional filters that you won’t find in-game:

  • Shoots: Handedness of the player - search for only Left or Right handed players

  • Overall: Set a minimum and/or maximum overall (ie. find players with 90+ OVR)

  • Player: Search for a specific player

  • Height & Weight: Find smaller faster or bigger stronger players

*We only list “Buy Now” prices as they are always relevant as long as the posted Auction is still live. Start Prices would be meaningless after the first bid came through in-game.

After your initial search you will be presented with some results and can further filter them based on console, time remaining, price, freshness of the listing, and whether you browsing sellers or buyers:

Note that the seller can also label whether they will accept trades or not.

Once you find the listing that you want click the “MSG” button to privately message them and work out a deal if you aren’t already happy with the Buy Now price.

If you are buying and are happy with the sellers listed “Buy Now” price then you may want to hurry and search the in-game Auction House incase they have already posted it there.

Create Listings

Adding a listing is quick and easy as you can see from the below screenshot:

Click on the empty card slot to begin searching for the player you plan to sell or buy. It will give suggestions that include all the different types of cards that each player has.

Once you’ve selected the card then you have a few fields to fill out:

  • “Buy Now” Price - the price you would immediately sell the card for

  • List Time - The duration you want the listing to be visible

  • Console - select the console you own the card on

  • Allow Trades - would you be interested in a trade?

  • List Type - Are you looking to buy or sell?

Once the listing is submitted it will be immediately added to the active listings until the duration expires or the listing owner deletes it.

My Listings

You can manage all your listings in the My Listings area:

If you’ve sold or bought your card then you can delete the listing so no one else messages you about it. If it’s expired and it hasn’t sold yet then you can choose to relist it.


When you receive a message from one of your listing you will get a notification icon in the top right corner while logged in:

Click there to go to your messages and make a deal!


Try it out and let us know what you think! We really appreciate all the support the HUT community has given us over the past year - hoping this major new feature will help a lot of you out. If you have any suggestions on how it can be improved then please do share below in the comments or tweet us.

If you’re newer to HUT or finding it difficult to make a profit in the Auction House then give ChelTips’ NHL 17 Auction House Tips post a read :)