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We are excited to announce that we are offically holding the CTOTY vote this year. Cast your vote now: click here.
This week we have some great cards to giveaway! For information on how to enter please visit our giveaway page. It is important that you read this clearly as we are not doing are usual giveaway this week!

This was an extremely hard one for me to choose on, a lot of you put in a worthy effort and I wish I could give everyone something but sadly that is not the case. After a careful review we have decided to reward ribaks and amadda1 along with our previous choice GetBourqued.

All 3 people were put into a randomizer to determine the winner and the order has come out as follows:

  1. ribaks
  2. amadda1
  3. GetBourqued

We thank you all for your effort this week, our next giveaway will be starting tomorrow!

HUT Series 2

Today we were told about #HUTS2, Hockey Ultimate Team Season 2, that will be coming to Hockey Ultimate Team on February 2nd, 2017.

If you’ve ever played games like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Magic the Gathering it is very similar to an expansion pack.

EA is adding over 700 players into the game, all getting at least one overall upgrade compared to their gold base card, and releasing new synergies to go with them. There are 12 new player synergies and 6 new team synergies. These will be listed in a table below. These synergies also will be added to new inform cards (POTGs, TOTWs, or any special items) in the future.

Along with every player getting a one overall upgrade, EA has upgraded some of the league’s top performers. Some noteworthy upgrades include Connor McDavid going from a 88 to a 91, Devan Dubnyk going from a 86 to a 92, and Cam Talbot going from a 86 to a 90. These upgrades WILL NOT affect Movember cards unless the player has no special cards up until this point. All informs (POTGs, TOTWs, or any special items) will NOT be affected.

These #HUTS2 players will ONLY be able to be packed in the new #HUTS2 packs that will be in the store. Normal gold packs will be available and the base cards from the beginning of the game will be able to be pulled in these packs. If you’re looking to pull a #HUTS2 player, make sure to open the right packs!

To get every player started with #HUTS2, EA has made a new set for 5 non-rare gold players. With this set you will receive:

  • 24 untradeable Series 2 Gold Common player items
  • 5 untradeable Series 2 Gold Contracts
  • 1 untradeable Series 2 Gold Healing item
  • 1 untradeable Series 2 Gold Arena item
  • 1 untradeable Series 2 Gold Logo
  • 1 untradeable Series 2 Gold Home Jersey item
  • 1 untradeable Series 2 Gold Away Jersey item

While there will be “Series 2 Gold” Contracts, Healing, Arena, Logo, and jersey items it has been confirmed that these will be the same jerseys and consumables we have seen in HUT already.

We will also be getting a #HUTS2 trade in set that has a 20-minute cooldown includes:

  • Trade in any 20 Gold Rare players for 10 Series 2 Gold Rare players
  • Trade in any 10 Gold Rare players for 5 Series 2 Gold Rare players

This is the biggest content update EA has ever dropped for Hockey Ultimate Team and it is sure to shake up the landscape of HUT! Let us know your thoughts on #HUTS2 in the comments! will have all the new players once they release!

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