SCE Giveaway


We are back with a great new giveaway, we have a new mini game for this week!

Giveaway (#1): This is a new game called high / low, it is very easy to understand. You will be given a stat category and you simply have to guess whether the next card drawn has a HIGHER or LOWER rating for that stat. The 3 longest streaks for this week will receive their choice of the 3 cards listed.

Giveaway (#2): Similar to previous giveaways we will be running a pack opener giveaway, the top 3 packs for the week will receive an ULTRA Pack.

Where do I Start?


Pack opener:

Giveaway runs from May 21st, 2017 12:00pm EST to May 28th 12:00pm EST. If you win cards will be handed out the following week (between Monday to Friday).

The Rules

  • Maximum of one item per user
  • Cheating in any way or form will not be tolerated, you will be disqualifed
  • 1st place will have 1st choice of which card, no duplicate cards will be handed out
  • You must have a registered account on our site and it must include your console and gamertag
Pack Leaderboard
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High/Low Leaderboard
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Giveaway Comments

The link to the Pack opener is the same as the link for High/Low.
Dang I'm pulling sick packs but the winner just gets an ultra pack lol
Any more giveaways coming up?