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90+ Goalie Upgrades Question....

I'm upgrading from 91 XMas Fleury, who up until recently played PHENOMENALLY for me. I'm not even sure if this happens in HUT or any of the other EA games, but it almost seems like he got a BIG TIME nerf recently. Anyhow, I had my eye on 93 Roy, even before Fleury's play went down the toilet, because I liked Roy IRL. I'm also looking at the new 95 Fuhr. Any feedback on how these guys perform in the game? It's not a secret that some goalies, regardless of rating are total duds in the game (Belfour comes to mind). Before dropping THAT KIND OF coinage on a new goalie, I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into. Any help is very much appreciated. Suggestions on goalie other than 95 Fuhr and 93 Roy are also appreciated, obvlously. Just want a non-dud, who performs at a high level and is consistent. Don't we all? Thanks ahead of time!

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Got the 95 Fuhr since a few days in my line-up. Before him I had 89 Moog and compared to Moog he's a great upgrade. But I have played just 5 games online more or less.
A little bit strange to me is, that Grant Fuhr is listed at 5'11 but in the game he looks more like 6'1 or more. Perhaps there will be a fix in the next few days or I have to go to the optician ;)
Went on and bought 95 Fuhr. First game I used him in was all-star level against the pc, Very first shot against him went in, which made me a little sick, but then on the replay I noticed it bounced off the back of one of my defenders, kind've a fluke goal to be honest. Didn't give up any the rest of that game. Gave up one more in the game I played after which was pro level against the pc, as well. That was one of those one-timers at an absolutely ABSURD angle. So I'm not sweating that one. So I'd say, so far, so good. Thanks for the reply, hotte.
I got the 95 Fuhr because he has a +4 on Burner. He's ok at best. I had better luck with my 91 belfour