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Name 5 ‘Legends’ you are missing from the game

So no Howe No Brodeur No Yzerman No Orr No Bourque No Richard brothers And most of the alumni and legends are unavailable in create a team to try out. Was the legends a bust? A gimmick? Who did you expect to see in game?

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Bourque Neely Orr Burke lindros
Brodeur, Roy, Richard, St.Louis, Bobby Orr, Hull, Howe, Jagr, and i could name hundreds more. It's kind of annoying!
Most of those guys were all there last year. They went nuts on Jagr and Lindros. Would be nice to see Orr for sure but I don't mind that they cycle through different Legends every year.
Bourque, Orr, Jagr, Scott Niedermayer (my favorite player all-time), Larry Robinson (the greatest defensive defenseman EVER, IMHO), Mike Bossy, Bryan Trottier (seriously Gillies, but no Bossy or Trottier?!?) and Cy Denneny (old school BEAST). Wish this game represented more old school legends from the 20's and 30's. There's a slew of them I'd love to see on here.
Paul Kariya
Bure, Rocket Richard, Doug Harvey, Orr and Bourque
Geordie Howe
Ya it’s friging Geordie Howe we’re talking about
I was hoping Doug Wilson would be in the game for San Jose as a legend. Also, was kinda surprised Peca didn't make the cut as a CBJ legend.
Then there is Stevie Y, Ray Bourque, Bobby Orr, Fedorov, Bure, Kariya, Brodeur, etc. Those should've been easy adds. Would love to have seen Tretiak added as well.