Missing Players, wrong stats, wrong team and etc...

Hello, I think will be good for comunnity , so if you will find some wrong players, just write here... for example - Pacioretty, Weber has 87 instead of 88 - Radulov 83 > 86 - Zibanejad has wrong team, now is ottawa. Thanks

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I'll start fixing any card errors asap, main focus was getting the team builder, now that it is running i can focus on fixing database errors.
89 POTG Corey Crawford has 2 speed synergy when it should be 2 shot blocking.
Thank you, this is fixed.
Andrew Ladd Movember showing TT but should be T.
Fixed. Thanks.
Hi! I have feedback on the Flyers All-TIme Roster: C 94 OVR Rod Brind’Amour, LD 92 OVR Nicklas Grossmann are not listed; C 79 OVR Chris Vandevelde is missing from the database entirely.
All time players is an auto generated list from nhl.com, we have no way of modifying these missing players unfortunately. Their is some anomolies with players such as Hawerchuk for example, he won't be listed under WPG because he played for the original jets team (now Arizona)
oh ok, strange. Taylor Hall is showing for the all-time Bruins, too.
Could you add Vandevelde to the database, though?
Taylor Hall is there because there was a player in the 70s called Taylor Hall lol. I can add vanvelde tonight.
Incorrect synergies on Derek Stepan TOTW card. He has 2 PP / 1 TT, currently it is 2 PP / 1 1T for his synergies. Cheers.
Caleb Jones has wrong synergies.
My bad. Disregard that Caleb Jones comment.
U R missing Chris Kelly MS card.
Still missing the C.Kelly MS card.
After relaese of TOTW O'Reily 91, his MOV is still 90.
POTG Lehner should have a CG synergy not a CC synergy. Thanks.
TOTW Jonathan Boutin has BB when it should be B synergy
Fixed @Meke1
TOTY Jenner has 900 wrist shot accuracy.
@gallant03 - Fixed
SCE Allen is missing his its a trap synergies
My SCE Allen does not show up. Actually my starting goalie position disappeared all together.
James Reimer has the Florida Panthers old logo