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No they do not. We show stats over 99 to show if potential synergy points are being wasted.

The market is simply an alternate place to list your cards. It is not linked to in game and requires you to setup your own trade if a deal is met with another party. Be mindful when trading, if you are scammed out of your item we cannot help you recover it. If something seems to good to be true it likely is. Please report any potential scammers to us, we will investigate on a case by case basis.

No it does not. The cards is saved in your collection only here at HUTDB.

Pack opener is just for fun. The top weekly pack scores usually will receive a pack ingame if we are running a giveaway (courtesy of EA). View for more info on our giveaways.

Drafted teams always auto save directly after you drafted the last goaltender. It will not show up in the "Saved Teams" section either.

No it does not. They are predetermined on pageload.

The forum is the best place for this or through HUTDB's Twitter.

They are the highest scoring cards in our pack opener / draft champions mini games. It will not transfer to the real game.

If your review is too short, offensive or you forgot to input the card review score it will be removed.

We do this for free. The servers costs a lot of money so almost everything we earn goes into the hosting fees for this website.

No we do not.

After we collected your account info, you have to wait up to a week.


Friday to Monday

Go here:

Players need to have a headshot to have an item, if they do not have a headshot that EA can use, they won't have an item.

Milestone Set - Monday, Prime Time Set - Tuesday, TOTW Set - Wednesday, Evolution Set - Thursday, Flashback Set - Friday

Check out

Press R3 first then LB

On Sundays

Players develop best in the role that they are supposed to be (For example, a current AHL bottom 6 forward with elite potential should be on line 3 or 4, not the first 2).

No, you can do one at a time if you want to.

Evolution cards - the new Movember card. Evolution items will evolve, they will always be equal to the highest overall performance-based inform item of that player.

Through their webiste

Monday to Sunday, then released on Wednesday.

First of all they have to win the game. Forwards: 4 points in one game. Defenders: 3 points in one game. Goalies: 35 saves in one game or a shutout.

Hold LT Xbox or L2 PS4 for a couple seconds.

Xbox: Hold LB and A. PS4: Hold L1 and X.

HUT Competitive Seasons is a mode that allows players to compete in a calendar season format with ranking that affects what rewards you earn.

Chel Tips wrote a perfect beginners guide here:

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