HutDB is now live! You can check out what to expect here in this Reddit post.
Several things should be highlighted:

  • Player and Goalie Search, Comparisons and Team Builder are all available
  • The NHL20 Database currently contains around 1,000 cards (NHL, Icon and Event Cards) with more to be added
  • Card Art for NHL20 has not been added yet so NHL19 artwork will be used in its place

If you want to support the site and future development, I'd ask you consider whitelisting HutDB with your adblocker. Alternatively, you can donate via Paypal. Any funds received will go towards hosting expenses, giveaways and the occasional burrito or cup of coffee.

If anyone has a question, comment or feature suggestion, feel free to send a tweet to @HutDBnet.

Fantasy Hockey is the latest event for Hockey Ultimate Team in NHL20. Similar to Movembers and EVO/EVO2 cards in previous NHL titles, these Fantasy Hockey cards are automatic upgrading cards tied to real life player performance. For skaters, a +1 OVR upgrade will be applied for every goal the player scores during the regular season. For goalies, a +1 OVR upgrade will be applied for every win in the regular season. Upgrades reaching 95 OVR will have synergy points doubled. Upgrades can scale to 99 OVR. If you want to check out more about the event, you can read the official EA post here.

The first team of the week for NHL20 has been released. This team is highlighted by an 86 OVR Auston Matthews.

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