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DIAM Dante Hannoun
Bronze Bill Ranford
DIAM Sam Jardine
Gold Cody McLeod
DIAM Ben Smith
DIAM Oliver Troop
Bronze Jean Ratelle
Bronze Jean Ratelle
LGD Guy Lafleur
DIAM Fredrik Pettersson
On January 17th at 2 AM PT/5 AM ET EA will be rolling back to the NHL19 Beta Tuner for feedback purposes. For more details visit
Our pack opener has a new look and some new features. Check it out here:
We are officially retiring past years of the game. Changes year to year have caused maintaining old versions an impossible task for us. In the coming days I will create several CSV files that will contain all over our player data which will be available for download.
It's soon time for NHL19 to hit the shelves. We are thrilled about the new game. So thrilled that we will upgrade some things on HUTDB. We also have to implement new cards, synergies etc. So if you experience any downtime before the launch you know why. Read EA's deep dive of HUT19 here: